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Fishrite, the custom boat builder out of Oregon that was down from production for a bit is now back building quality welded aluminum boats. The company was purchased by River Hawk Boats and are now being built in the same plant as River Hawk boats in Oregon.

They are as nice as ever and are equal in quality & value as any custom aluminum boat on the market. Esspecially matched up with Yamaha outboard power and can be seen from their new website.

The "Performer" of old is still a mainstay in the production line.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fish Rite Boats Boat.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Rockcreek, Oregon, United States #1172211

You must be working for Fishrite or you're Jamie himself. To say Fishrite puts out a quality boat is a laugh!.

I have a 24' Performer, a few months after I bought it my wife kept complaining she was getting wet any time we were in semi rough water, after crawling under the left side console I noticed a

4"x6" square hole where they didn't finish fabricating the bulkhead. I thought I was in luck due to the boat show was during the week I found the hole, I went and found Jamie and told him the issue and his exact words " you must be mistaken, there can't be a unfinished bulkhead" I had to go home and take a video and bring it back to the boat show and when I showed him while other people around he quickly had me ushered away.

Great way to treat your customers! Currently I have a bad fuel leak, I took the seats and flooring out and didn't find the problem there so I pulled up the back decking and found the dumba***** ran the fuel pick up lines over a sharp aluminum strut instead of under it and the decking pushed down on the hose until the strut cut into the fuel line causing a severe fuel leak.

Yea!....sure they make quality boats. If you'd like picture proving they make crappy boats I can send you pictures.

to Alaskan Tiger #1346314

Did the manufacturer ever fix your boat ?

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